The owners of rare cars, restored cars, or expensive custom cars want reassurance that their one-of-a-kind vehicle will be safe. With Eddie G, we will assure you customer satisfaction because we understand that collecting antique, classic, and sports cars is not a standard, regular, or ordinary hobby, and therefore don’t treat transporting these vehicles as a standard, regular, or ordinary job. This type of transportation of artistic and nostalgic automobiles requires extra attention, extra care, and a great deal of experience. For your protection we only hire licensed and insured classic car transport companies registered with the department of transportation.


Most owners of classic cars have put a great deal of time, money, energy, and effort into restoring their vehicles to their proper prestige. Our reliable and superior classic car transport services on Long Island will keep your vehicle safe on its journey to Eddie G’s Muscle Car Garage. We have earned our reputation by being professional and dependable with your cherished ride.