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Auto-Parts-Icon-Set-BW_167 copyWe specialize in converting your muscle car into a complete street/race ready ride. Anything from high flow exhaust systems to forced induction extreme high horsepower applications.


Auto-Parts-Icon-Set-BW_79 copyWe service, repair or upgrade your vehicle’s transmission, differential, driveshaft and just about any other component of your drivetrain. We also specialize in old to late-model upgrades so you can have an overdrive automatic in your muscle car, or swap in a six-speed manual trans to replace your late-model’s five-speed.


Auto-Parts-Icon-Set-BW_165 copyWe can suggest the right, high-quality parts you need as well as offer superior installation services from our  facility in Holbrook, NY. We specialize in performance tuning, suspension, engines, performance brakes, supercharging, restoration, interior and more. Contact Eddie G’s